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The following members were appointed by the president to illustrate the Catalogue 1889. The New York Etchings Club’s 1889 catalogue was illustrated with etchings by Reginald Cleveland Coxe, Wm. H. Lippincott, C. Morgan McIlhenney, R.C. Minor, Peter Moran, Stephen Parrish, Charles A. Platt, and Alexander Schilling. Etchings by Peter Moran and Alexander Schilling were substituted for plates by Otto Bacher and W. L. Lathrop. With original Etchings in preference to copies of Exhibits. This sentence was added at a later date.

Reginald Cleveland Coxe

Otto. H. Bacher

W. H. Lippincott

W. L. Lathrop

C. Morgan McIlhenney

Stephen Parrish

C. A. Platt

R. C. Minor

For Substitute

Joseph Lauber

Alex. Schilling

Peter Moran

Club Adjourned

W. H. Shelton, Secy.

Joseph Lauber. (Courtesy of Ms. Rona Schneider.)
Alexander Schilling, Untitled , 1888. (Williams Print Collection.)

May 1st, 1888.

A special meeting of the club was called at above date to hear the second report of the Committee on Publication, C. Y. Turner chairman.

Members present, Jas. S. King, Joseph Lauber, W. H. Lippencott, Thos. Moran, C.A. Platt, Alex Schilling, W. H. Shelton C. Y. Turner, T. W. Wood&R. C. Minor.

In the Absence of the President Mr. Moran was called to the Chair.

The Committee Stated that an arrangement could be effected with the house of Harper&Bros. To publish a portfolio of 12 plates by Members of the Club, with original Cover, Initial letters&other embelishments.

After a long discussion the sense of the meeting was embodied in the following resolution on the motion of Mr. Wood.

Resolved that a committee of six be appointed by the President, who, in conjunction with representation of the Publishers shall have full charge of proposed Publication, the said Committee to report publishers terms to the Etching Club for approval.

The meeting adjourned.

In compliance with the above resolution the President appointed the Committee as follows.

C. Y. Turner

C. A. Platt

J. C. Nicoll

F. S. Church

Thos. Moran

W. H. Shelton

W. H. Shelton Secy

William L. Lathrop, On the Winaque , 1888. (Williams Print Collection.)

Friday december 14th, 1888

The regular December Meeting of the Club was held at the Secretary’s Studio 106 East 55th. St. at 8 o’clock P.M.

Henry Farrer’s etching Near the Sea in the 1888 New York Etching Club exhibition catalogue. (Private collection.)

Minutes of last regular meeting and special meeting were read and approved.

The following members were present

R.F. Bloodgood, F.S. Church, Henry Farrer, James S. King, Joseph Lauber, R.C. Minor, Thos. Moran, J.C. Nicoll, J. F. Sabin, Alexander Schilling, H.Pruet Share, W.H.Shelton, C.Y. Turner, T.Wood.

The Club proceeded to the Election of a Hanging Committee: Mr. Chas. A. Platt&Reginald Cleveland Cox, were elected. The Executive Committee was directed to act with the Hanging Committee as a Jury of Commission.

Mr. Carlton T. Chapman was elected a member of the Club.

Carlton T. Chapman. (Private collection.)

The following candidates were placed in nomination: -

Thos. C. Farrer of London England By Thos Moran Seconded by Mr. Wood

Robert A. Eichelberger By H. Pruet Share Seconded by W. H. Shelton

The thanks of the Club were voted to Max&Albert Rosenthal for presentation of Etchings.

It was voted to accept the proposition of Johnston, Norman&Co of London, for a small exhibition of etchings by the Club if the

arrangements therefore proved acceptable to the Executive Committee. The Magazine of Art , 1889, Vol. 2, published by Cassell&Company, reported: “At the galleries of Messrs. Johnstone and Norman…a collection of American etchings has been exhibited. Mr. T. MORAN, the President of the ‘Society of American Etchers,’ is represented by his somewhat laboured ‘Mountain of the Holy Cross, Colorado.’ Far more satisfactory are the works of Messrs. C. A. PLATT and STEPHEN PARRISH. The latter’s ‘Gale at Fécamp’ is the best thing in the exhibition. We missed many well-known names, and the twenty-two examples shown here cannot be said to worthily represent the etching of America.” The notice does not mention the New York Etching Club. That the exhibition notice cites Thomas Moran’s excellent etching in a somewhat negative light is by no coincidence. Cassell, a major publisher of etchings, would not have held a particularly favorable view of the American Society of Etchers’ mission, for it included a guarantee for limiting edition size, personal certification of individual prints by the artists, and a commitment to enforcing publisher integrity for society prints.

The following motion was adopted after general discussion; Whereas, it is a recognized custom for the publisher to allow 10. proofs to the Etcher, members of the club are requested to bear this in mind in making contracts.

Mr. Turner reported for the Committee on Publication, an offer from the House of Harper&Brothers of a commission of 20% on

regular Edition&30% on Edition de Luxy.

The report of the Committee was accepted and it was empowered to make any other arrangements necessary with the Publishers for the illustration of a book of Prints by this Club.

W. H. Shelton Sec

J. C. Nicoll’s etching The Last of November in the 1888 New York Etching Club exhibition catalogue. (Private collection.)

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