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English home language


Educator section


To the educator

Using progress reports and profiles of the learners in Grade 1, the Grade 2 educator can assess the ability of each learner in the class.

The Grade 2 educator also needs to know which work has been covered in Grade 1 so that she can revise, consolidate and re-teach where necessary, before proceeding to the Grade 2 phonics, writing, reading etc. Make sure the learners understand the written instructions on each page. The learners furthermore need to know where and when to go for help when doing written work e.g. finding out how to spell a word etc.

The slower learners need continual support whereas the fast learners can be given additional work based on the activities for further stimulation.

Time schedule for the modules 1 – 7

All learners should complete all seven modules during the year. Allow them to progress at their own speed covering ± one and a half modules per term.

Jack and the Beanstalk introduce the learners to the concept of giants, gigantic buildings, animals and whales.

Interesting activities including riddles, class discussions and listening activities are developed around the theme of “Giants”.

  • Phonics: Revise or, ar and the silent e at the end of a word.

oor as in door

ar + e as in ware

ou and ow

Integration of themes

  • a Healthy environment

Discuss the reasons why some animals become extinct. How can this be prevented?

  • Human rights

Our heritage (buildings, country, customs) need to be preserved. Give reasons why this is necessary.

In many tales the giants are the bad guys. Discuss this with the children. This also happens to others who are perceived as different. It is almost as if different equals bad. Fortunately there are some stories where the giant changes and becomes good - The Selfish Giant (Oscar Wilde) or The BFG (Roald Dahl). You could read these stories to the children.

Discuss how the giant might feel - always being the bad guy and everyone expecting him/ her to be bad.

As part of a language exercise, the children can prepare an interview with a giant. They must write down the questions they would ask the giant to see how he/she feels about always being the 'bad guy'. Go through the question words they can use, e.g.

What is your name?

Where do you live?

When did you grow so tall? Or when did you find out that you had grown into a giant?

Why are people scared of you?

How do you feel about that?

Which things hurt you the most? (And so on)

LO 2.6

Emphasise the capital letter to start the question and the question mark at the end. The children can write their questions out on folio.

LO 4.6.2 LO 4.6.3

Leaner section



ou and ow

  • Read out these words: round, sound, out, our, hour, about, joust, mouse, house, bow, cow, owl, howl, meow, now, prowl, towel, flower, tower.
  • Think of any other words with these sounds.
  • Find the rhyming pairs and write them underneath. For example, how and cow.
  • How many can you find?




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