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Bloodshed dev-c++ 5 compiler/ide

This open source compiler/IDE (Integrated Development Environment) was used to develop the demonstration source code files provided within the modules of this textbook/collection. The compiler/IDE is presented to the student in the second module of Chapter 1, with instructions for downloading, installing and using the compiler/IDE. A more complete explanation of the IDE along with demonstration source code listings with errors is presented in first module of Chapter 5. All of the source code files provided in this textbook/collection contain only ANSI standard C++ code and should work on any standard C++ compiler like Microsoft Visual Studio (which includes C++), Microsoft Visual C++ Express or Borland C++ Builder.

Instructor materials

Encrypted instructor materials are available in a module that is not part of this collection. It’s title: Instructor Materials for: Programming Fundamentals - A Modular Structured Approach using C++ is available at: (External Link) and the encryption code is only available to educational institutional faculty that are considering adoption of this collection as a textbook.

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Connexions modular content

The Connexions Project (External Link) is part of the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement dedicated to providing high quality learning materials free online, free in printable PDF format, and at low cost in bound volumes through print-on-demand publishing. This textbook is one of many collections available to Connexions users. Each collection is composed of a number of re-usable learning modules written in the Connexions XML markup language. Each module may also be re-used (or 're-purposed') as part of other collections and may be used outside of Connexions.

Re-use and customization

The Creative Commons (CC) Attribution license applies to all Connexions modules. Under this license, any Connexions module may be used or modified for any purpose as long as proper attribution to the original author(s) is maintained. Connexions' authoring tools make re-use (or re-purposing) easy. Therefore, instructors anywhere are permitted to create customized versions of this textbook by editing modules, deleting unneeded modules, and adding their own supplementary modules. Connexions' authoring tools keep track of these changes and maintain the CC license's required attribution to the original authors. This process creates a new collection that can be viewed online, downloaded as a single PDF file, or ordered in any quantity by instructors and students as a low-cost printed textbook.

Read the book online, print the pdf, or buy a copy of the book.

To browse this textbook online, visit the collection home page. You will then have three options.

  1. You may view the collection modules on-line by clicking on the "Start>>" link, which takes you to the first module in the collection. You can then navigate to the next module using "NEXT>>" and through the subsequent modules by using the "<<PREVIOUS | NEXT>>" button that is towards the upper right to move forward and backward in the collection. You can jump to any module in the collection by clicking on that module's title in the "TABLE OF CONTENTS" box on the left side of the window. If these contents are hidden, make them visible by clicking on the small triangle to the right of the "TABLE OF CONTENTS". Chapters also have a small triangle to show or hide contents.
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Connexions pdf conversion problems

Buying a copy of the textbook/collection is basically sending the PDF file to a printing service that has a contract with the Connexions project. There are several known printing problems and the Connexions Project is aware of them and seeking a solution. In the mean time, be aware that quirks exist for printed PDF materials. A description of the known problems are:

  1. When it converts an "Example" the PDF displays the first line of an example properly but indents the remaining lines of the example. This problem occurs for the printing of a book (because it prints a PDF) and downloading either a module or a textbook/collection as a PDF.
  2. Chapter numbering has been added to the on-line Table of Contents. This will make it easier for students to quickly get to the chapter reading materials. However this creates a "double" chapter numbering within the textbook/collection’s PDF and custom printing formats.
  3. Within C++ there are three operators that do not convert properly to PDF format.
decrement -- which is two minus signs
insertion << which is two less than signs
extraction >> which is two greater than signs

Rating connexion modules

A rating feature was added during 2009 for Connexions modules. It will not be useful until more people rate modules within the Connexions repository. If a module is rated by several people, it can be used as a measure of quality . Thus, your participation in rating modules is welcomed and helps others determine the quality of the educational materials being viewed.

In order to rate modules you must have a Connexions account. Three (3) modules have been added to the preface series of modules for this collection. They explain why and how to create a Connexions account and how to rate a Connexions module.

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