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Modern life is gay

Domesticated animals are a lot less tuff then non domesticated animals, therefore all domesticated animals are gay, especially relative to a non domesticated equivalent. This relates to life sucks because not only are humans domesticated, but most of the animals they deal with are domesticated by the fact that they interact with humans to some degree. Take wolves and dogs. A dog is a domesticated wolf, it is so domesticated that its entire species evolved from wolf into dog because of its interaction with humans. So in other words, before it was dependent on itself, and then it became dependent on humans. If you’re not independent, you’re gay. That means you have to rely on something or someone other than yourself for your survival. Modern life is entirely relying on massive amounts of other people and other stuff for your survival. So it’s entirely gay. Encyclopedias are gay, they are just massive amounts of collections of information about nothing. Nothing could be more boring and uninteresting then an encyclopedia, except maybe a dictionary. It’s gay because it isn’t related to your survival, it’s an accessory. Why is that gay? Because when you aren’t thinking about your survival you’re relaxed and doing something relaxing and boring. That’s gay because its not intense and interesting. Humans should be dominant over their environment, not succumb to it. The typical view is that humans have dominated nature when the opposite is true, if you put a modern human out in nature they are much less likely to survive then a pre modern one. That makes all current humans gay. They are defeated by nature itself. Gay means non intense. Things that aren’t gay are intense. Nothing is more gay than an encyclopedia, which is just massive amounts of the most boring things to think about you could imagine. Things that aren’t directly in your environment, and things that you have to think deeply about, are gay because they aren’t intense. Even sports are gay, mostly because you aren’t trying to kill the other players. You’re engaged in this huge battle based on a series of pre agreed upon rules. Rules don’t exist in nature, only rules of life. Things that you have to think deeply about are gay because they don’t grab your attention naturally, so it just isn’t possible to put as much interest in them as you could in something in your immediate environment, say a rock or anything.

Humans are too simple

The rest of a human can be easily understood and its entire mind figured out as well, as shown by how easily it can be reprogrammed into a robot. (below) The fact that the fundamentals of life can be broken down so easily shows just how simple and pathetic life really is.

Objective: to verbally explain how to create an artificial human. One way to do this is to show all the connections in the human mind and how they work. What is one connection to start. Your physical senses you have physical sense. You have mental senses. But everything begins with a type of physical sense/sensation. So what are all the physical sensations. There are the 5 senses taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. When you walk into a room you experience all of those senses. What if you think about something, that is just thinking about a physical sensation, anything you can think about is really just a physical sensation. Everything is neurological. Including logical thinking structures, which relate in the end to physical sensations as well. Now we need to verbally explain how the human mind works. So when you see things, you get sensations. You get sensations and you get thoughts. Those sensations and thoughts cause feelings. That’s it. Why do you get those sensations and thoughts and feelings? Well a physical sensation is just neurological stimulation from a sense. If you touch something neurological signals are sent to your brain that you are having feeling at that touch, that is a feeling, just touching something causes a feeling. Similarly smelling something causes another feeling. As with the other senses. Thoughts can also cause feelings, you can think about something happy or something sad. Why would one thing cause happiness? Some things stimulate your neurons while other things don’t stimulate them, so happiness would be the neurological stimulation.

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