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Investigation : importance of units

Work in groups of 5 to discuss other possible situations where using the incorrect set of units can be to your disadvantage or even dangerous. Look for examples at home, at school, at a hospital, when travelling and in a shop.

Case study : the importance of units

Read the following extract from CNN News 30 September 1999 and answer the questions below.

N ASA: Human error caused loss of Mars orbiter November 10, 1999

Failure to convert English measures to metric values caused the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter, a spacecraft that smashed into the planet instead of reaching a safe orbit, a NASA investigation concluded Wednesday. The Mars Climate Orbiter, a key craft in the space agency's exploration of the red planet, vanished on 23 September after a 10 month journey. It is believed that the craft came dangerously close to the atmosphere of Mars, where it presumably burned and broke into pieces.An investigation board concluded that NASA engineers failed to convert English measures of rocket thrusts to newton, a metric system measuring rocket force. One English pound of force equals 4,45 newtons. A small difference between the two values caused the spacecraft to approach Mars at too low an altitude and the craft is thought to have smashed into the planet's atmosphere and was destroyed. The spacecraft was to be a key part of the exploration of the planet. From its station about the red planet, the Mars Climate Orbiter was to relay signals from the Mars Polar Lander, which is scheduled to touch down on Mars next month.“The root cause of the loss of the spacecraft was a failed translation of English units into metric units and a segment of ground-based, navigation-related mission software,” said Arthus Stephenson, chairman of the investigation board. Q uestions:

  1. Why did the Mars Climate Orbiter crash? Answer in your own words.
  2. How could this have been avoided?
  3. Why was the Mars Orbiter sent to Mars?
  4. Do you think space exploration is important? Explain your answer.

How to change units

It is very important that you are aware that different systems of units exist. Furthermore, you must be able to convert between units. Being able to change between units (for example, converting from millimetres to metres) is a useful skill in Science.

The following conversion diagrams will help you change from one unit to another.

The distance conversion table

If you want to change millimetre to metre, you divide by 1000 (follow the arrow from mm to m); or if you want to change kilometre to millimetre, you multiply by 1000 × 1000.

The same method can be used to change millilitre to litre or kilolitre. Use [link] to change volumes:

The volume conversion table

Express 3 800 mm in metres.

  1. Use [link] . Millimetre is on the left and metre in the middle.

  2. You need to go from mm to m, so you are moving from left to right.

  3. 3 800 mm ÷ 1000 = 3,8  m

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