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English home language

Grade 9

Money matters

Module 4


“Fantastic offer”? think again!

FANTASTIC OFFERthis weekend only !

Come into FAMILY FURNISHERS this weekend, spend R3 000 and we will give you a cell phone free of charge.

Have you seen advertisements similar to this one before? Where? This certainly sounds like an attractive offer, but BEWARE!

Activity 1:

Read the following story and be aware of the pitfalls of some special offers. answer the questions that follow for homework.

[lo 6.1]


One Saturday morning, Mr and Mrs Jonas were in town shopping for groceries when they noticed that the furniture store had a special offer - a free cell phone if R3 000 was spent in their store. They entered the shop, just to browse around. Mrs Jonas admired a lounge suite and sat on the settee which she found was very comfortable.

A sales assistant came along and said, “Would you like to buy that suite , madam?” 5

“No, thank you, I was only trying it,” Mrs Jonas replied.

“But you can hire-purchase the suite,” said the man. “All you need is R300 deposit and you can pay the rest in instalments – and you will receive a free cell phone!”

Mr and Mrs Jonas found this offer difficult to resist. They signed a paper of agreement, giving all their personal details. They were given a receipt for their R300. They returned home 10

with their new cell phone, but few groceries. Three days later there was great excitement when the new lounge suite arrived at their home and they phoned family and friends on their new, free cell phone to tell them the news.

The next month they received a short letter with an invoice stating that a further R200 had to be paid for their lounge suite, each month for the following twenty-four months. They soon 15 realised that their deposit of R300 and twenty-four payments of R200 added up to a lot more than R3 000, which was the price they had seen in the shop. It also more than covered the cost of the cell phone, which was now locked away in a cupboard as the calls had proved too costly.

Mr and Mrs Jonas decided that it would have been better to buy just the groceries that 20they had budgeted for. They needed these more than the cell phone or the furniture. The fantastic offer was not so fantastic, after all.


Match up the words in bold in the passage with the following definitions. Write the word below the definition. Make sure to transcribe the word correctly!

  • a piece of paper signed by someone for receiving your money


  • a first payment for something you are buying over many months


  • any part payment or a sum of money
  • __________________________________________________
  • became aware
  • __________________________________________________
  • look through or around with mild interest
  • ___________________________________________________
  • food and household supplies
  • ___________________________________________________
  • a piece of paper showing a list of articles bought and their prices
  • ___________________________________________________

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