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English home language

Grade 9

Money matters

Module 3


Activity 1:


[lo 4.1, 2.5]

1. Sometimes it is really difficult to find solutions to arguments about issues like money. Use the correct play-form and write a dialogue depicting ONE of the following conversations. Make sure your characters respond in a realistic and convincing way. Write the dialogue.

Conversation A A father has lost his job and tells his wife that they can no longer buy the new house they had been planning to buy. Conversation B A teenage girl wants a new item of clothing for a party. She does not really need it and will probably only wear it a few times. Her mother feels the purchase is unnecessary.
Conversation C A teenager wants to start working to earn his own money. He believes he will be gaining some independence and helping the whole family if he does this. His father feels that a part-time job will interfere with his school work. Conversation D After raising three children, who are now all in high school, a mother feels that it is time for her to return to work so that she can assist with the financial burdens of the family, as well as break the boredom of being a housewife. Her husband / child disagrees.

Rubric: writing a dialogue

PURPOSE Effectively portrays the feelings and thoughts of each character. Opposing views are elaborated. Evidence of characters’ thoughts and feelings. Apparent that they do not agree. Occasionally reveals the thoughts and feelings of characters. Disagreement unclear or over-emphasized. Rarely reveals the thoughts and feelings of characters. Disagreement absent or unrealistic.
CHARACTERS Realistic and convincing throughout Mostly realistic and convincing. Somewhat hard to believe. Stereoptypical. Unconvincing portrayal of characters.
LANGUAGE Language and vocabulary are appropriate to the characters and used effectively to convey feelings. Language and vocabulary are appropriate to the characters. Language and vocabulary are occasionally inappropriate and misused. Language and vocabulary are inappropriate or misused.
PUNCTUATION AND FORMAT Punctuation is used for effect and format is correct. Punctuation is used correctly and format is mostly correct. Punctuation is occasionally used incorrectly and there are obvious format errors. Punctuation is rarely used correctly. Format is ignored.

Let’s act!

2. Act out the conversation with a partner. Remember to read the lines “in character”, to vary your tone of voice and to use appropriate facial expression. You may wish to improvise and add lines that do not appear in the original dialogue.It is also a good idea to ask members of the class for suggestion as to how your characters could solve their differences.

Activity 2:


[lo 4.1]






  1. Introductory lines to the scene – yes/no
  2. Lines left open between speakers and no writing underneath their names – yes/no
  3. Stage directions included in brackets – yes/no
  4. Punctuation used correctly throughout, e.g. no inverted commas; colons – yes/no
  5. Remains true to the topic – yes/no


Learning outcomes(LOs)



The learner will be able to communicate confidently and effectively in spoken language in a wide range of situations.

Assessment standards(ASs)

We know this when the learner:

demonstrates a range of complex interaction skills by participating actively in group discussions, conversations, debates, group interviews and surveys and while so doing,

  • tackles important issues (e.g. social and ethical issues related to the environment and human rights),
  • asks probing questions;
  • leads discussions;
  • negotiates differences to arrive at common point of view or compromise;

2.5.4 motivates own point of view, using evidence and similar opinions from peers, and shows flexibility in accepting compromise;

gives oral presentations confidently and creatively, paying attention to

  • pausing and variation in tempo and volume at key points;
  • purpose and audience;
  • posture, gesture, body language and facial expressions to engage audience interest;
  • variety in presentation modes;
  • register;
  • tone;
  • degree of formality;
  • different social and cultural conventions;

2.5.9 appropriate figurative devices (climax, anti-climax, etc.).



The learner will be able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.

We know this when the learner:

4.1 writes a range of imaginative texts:

  • 4.1.2 to explore the creative, critical and playful use of language by means of narrative and descriptive compositions, dialogues, poems, songs and letters;



1. Make sure pupils are familiar with the play-form format:

Opening lines to set the scene, in the present tense

No inverted commas

Name and colon before each speaker’s words

No writing beneath speaker’s names

Stage directions / adverbs to indicate voice tone etc. in brackets

2. Let’s Act: Give pupils guidance on what you expect from role-play activities and what specific criteria you will use for assessment.

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