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Home cures, confusing sicknesses, and examining sick people

Click on the PDF file below to see the Contents of Chapters 1-3, focusing on:

Chapter 1. Home Cures and Popular Beliefs

Home Cures and Popular Beliefs

Chapter 2. Sicknesses that are Often Confused

Sicknesses that are Often Confused

Chapter 3. How to Examine a Sick Person

Chapter 3. How to Examine a Sick Person

Taking care of the sick and the use/misuse of medicines

These six chapters are divided up into the following:

  • Chapter 4: How to Take Care of a Sick Person
  • Chapter 5: Healing Without Medicines
  • Chapter 6: Right and Wrong Use of Modern Medicines
  • Chapter 7: Antibiotics: What They Are and How to Use Them
  • Chapter 8: How to Measure and Give Medicine
  • Chapter 9: Instructions and Precautions for Injections

First aid, nutrition, and prevention

Chapters 10-12 are devoted to the following:

  • Chapter 10: First Aid
  • Chapter 11: Nutrition: What to Eat to be Healthy
  • Chapter 12: Prevention: How to Avoid Many Sicknesses

Common sicknesses, serious illnesses, skin problems

Contents of Chapters 13-15 include the following:

  • Chapter 13: Some Very Common Sicknesses
  • Chapter: 14: Serious Illnesses that Need Special Medical Attention
  • Chapter 15: Skin Problems

The eyes, teeth, gums, mouth, urinary system, and information for mothers and midwives

These chapters include the following:

  • Chapter 16: The Eyes
  • Chapter 17: The Teeth, Gums,and Mouth
  • Chapter 18: The Urinary System and the Genitals
  • Chapter 19: Information for Mothers and Midwives
    More of Chapter 19 is included in the next section

Family planning and health/sicknesses of children

Chapters 20 and 21 include the following:

  • Chapter 20: Family Planning - Having the Number of Children You Want
  • Chapter 21: Health and Sicknesses of Children

The elderly, the medicine kit, important tables, new information, vocabulary, and index

This final section is just about the most important:

  • Chapter 22: Health and Sicknesses of Older People
  • Chapter 23: The Medicine Kit
  • Chapter 24: The Green Pages - The Uses, Dosage, and Precautions for Medicines
  • The Blue Pages: New Information (Extensive offerings including AIDS, special care for babies, ear wax, Leishmaniasis, Guinea worm,emergencies caused by cold, measuring blood pressure, poisoning, complications from abortion, drug abuse and addiction)

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