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( m i + 1 - m i ) d t = α m [ V i ] ( 1 - m i + 1 ) - β m [ V i ] m i + 1 = A α m ( V i - B α m ) 1 - e ( B α m - V i ) / C α m ( 1 - m i + 1 ) - A β m ( B β m - V i ) 1 - e ( V i - B β m ) / C β m m i + 1

Solving for m i + 1 gives:

m i + 1 = m i + d t α m [ V i ] 1 + d t α m [ V i ] + β m [ V i ]

Update n , h , q , [ C a A P ] , [ C a N M D A ] likewise solving for the i + 1 step. Notice α m and β m are functions of voltage. Plug these results into below equation which is then solved for V i + 1

V i + 1 - V i d t = V l e a k - V i + 1 G m + V c o m p - V i + 1 G c o r e + I N a + I K + I C a + I K ( C a ) + I s y n C m

The ion channels have the V i + 1 term in them. For example the N a + channel looks like this:

I N a = ( V N a - V i + 1 ) G N a m i + 1 3 h i + 1

The final result term after solving for V i + 1 :

V i + 1 = C m V i + d t ( G m V l e a k + G N a m i + 1 3 h i + 1 V N a + G K n i + 1 4 V K + G K ( C a ) V K ( [ C a A P ] i + 1 + [ C a N M D A ] i + 1 ) + I S y n + I S t i m C m + d t ( G m + G N a m i + 1 3 h i + 1 + G K n i + 1 4 + G K ( C a ) ( [ C a A P ] i + 1 + [ C a N M D A ] i + 1 )

Building networks

After constructing models for the individual neurons it is necessary to connect the cells. The mission is to have a small network (50 excitatory and 50 inhibitory neurons will be used in the simulations, more details on why in a bit) and have the cells trained with pre-selected assemblies/patterns. Given different patterns or“events”we want to construct a weighting scheme that will assign a proper weighting. Proper in the sense that cells within a pattern will have strong excitatory connections and cells that are ever in the same pattern will have inhibitory connections. The goal is to have the network able to activate patterns. This means that when a sufficient number of cells belonging a pattern are stimulated it will fully resolve.

The weighting algorithm will output weights that are effective in proportion to another, but will require proper scaling. Should the overall weighting magnitudes be too high the network will seizure (meaning all the cells start firing). If the weighting magnitudes are too low, the network will go dormant once stimulation is removed.

Picking weights

The term weight is used loosely; it signifies the choice of the measure of conductance at synapse where two neurons meet. This parameter will suffice as way of quantifying the strength of a synapse which is physiologically determined by the amount of neurotransmitter that would be released into the cleft and the number of receptor channels. Look back at the form for a synaptic current to see the conductance term we now will give more detail on:

I s y n = ( V s y n - V ) G s y n s .

The G s y n is the conductance term that reflect the weighting. It is expressed as the product of a weighting term that is an output of the weighting algorithm and an overall weighting scale constant that will determined later. Thus, G i j = w i j * w e i g h t s y n . Note: there will be several different w e i g h t s y n constants for the several synaptic currents used in the model.

The scheme used to produce weights will use a probabilistic approach. Using a simple intuitive approach we want to characterize the level of“support”a cell gets by the term:

s q = b q + h w h q π h

Here s q is the support level of the cell. The term b q will represent a bias of a cell (this would be a way of characterizing a cell’s firing property independent from other cell activity, since some cells may appear simply more activate in general). w h q is the connection weight from h to q . Variable π h is the activity level of cell h . Assume either 0 or 1 then we reduce this system to a summation over the active cells in all the different patterns, set A.

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opportunity cost
the motive of money is to pay for goods or services. it's also for transaction purposes bet it ordinary or unforseen
Money helps to reduce our scarcity problems. It can satisfy your wants to an extent
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according to Jhon Robinson the main problem of economics is what to produce? how to produce? whom to produce? economics tries to solve these problem scientifically by using its theories which are scientific in nature,basically micro and macro theories which just explain what the problem is...
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Price elasticity of demand= Percentage change in quantity demanded/ Percentage change in price
For example, suppose that a 10 percent increase in the price of an ice-cream cone causes the amount of ice cream you buy to fall by 20 percent. We calculate your elasticity of demand as
Price elasticity of demand =20 percent /10 percent = 2
In this example, the elasticity is 2, reflecting that the change in the quantity demanded is proportionately twice as large as the change in the price.
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economics is a social science that studies the relationship of human behavior between ends and scare...
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intersection point of demand and supply curve
the equilibrium price is that price at which the quantity demanded is equal to the quantity supplied... i.e the price at which what people want to buy is equal to what the sellers want to sell.
what is difference between demand and quantity demand
the price which is prevailing in the market ,it is the price at which the consumer is getting maximum satisfaction and the producer is getting maximum profit.
at equilibrium price demand for commodity is equal to supply of commodity..
dear sareel, quantity demand means the quantity of commodity which is demanded at a particular price e,g , your demand is for 4 oranges when price of orange is 5,, on the other hand demand means the whole quantity price relationship, quantity demand is shown on a particular point on demand curve,
sarjeel sbb, reply please...
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Economics can be defined as a social sciences that study human behavior as a relationship between end and scarce mean which have alternative use
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economics is a subject matter that studies different economic activities as directed towards maximization of income at level of individual and maximization of social welfare at the level of society as a whole
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demand is what a buyer is able and willing to buy at a specific price where by quantity demanded is amount of demand the buyer is able and willing to buy at a specific price.
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how does commercial banks create credit
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heteroscandacity: Is the circumstance where there is unequal variances across the observations.
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price mechanism refers to the manner which price of goods and services affect the demand and supply of goods and services
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desire and ability to pay for a commodity is called demand.
i desire to become Prime Minister of India , is it demand ?please answer---
demand refers to the quantity demanded of a commodity that consumers are willing and able to buy at a particular price over a given period of time
or the willingness power of a commoditythat is backed up by the ability to pay
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is ability to purchase a perticular goods at any price at a given time.
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ur desire to become a prime minister of lndia is nt demand because u have nt made any efforts or willingness, it is called mere wish or lets say mere desire
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U are welcome
it's ok,dear..
The term ceteris paribus implies that
Demand is the quantity demanded of a commodity at which a consumer is willing and able to purchase at various prices over a given period of time.
ceteris parbus explains the law of demand,which states that at a higher price quantity demanded of a commodity is low and at a lower price quantity demanded of a commodity is high all other things being equal.
U know right girl
ceteris paribus is an economics terms used in situations where we considered other factors to remain unchanged
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please how does disposable income affect demand?
hell. somebody must tell me what is the meaning if cetrasparibus
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the quantity of a commodity that a consumer ready willing and able to purchase at a particular price and in a particular period of time is known as demand
ceterusparibus means constant i,e,(other things do not change or other things remains constant)
right answer yawer saab
things like what@Rather
bilal sheikh why u has been written what
e,g demand is determined by various factors like price of commodity, uses of good, expected changes in near future, nature of commodity , but when we learn price elasticity of demand , we keep other determinants of demand constant(i,e , we do not expect any change in price of good in near future,etc
i think u understand the term ceterus paribus..
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wht is other factors
income of consumer, taste,
Gold. Medlist in economics and. Lecturer of economics
hello..what's are the factors affecting cross elasticity of demand.? at least five factors
The time it takes to get a product to market. That time limit has a name call "Just in Time."
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when there is no change in quantity demanded due to change in price then elasticity of demand is inelastic
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elasticity of demand means change in quantity demanded divided by change in any of its determinent ,e,g , price ed= % change in quantity demanded/ % change in price.
elasticity of demand is the degree of responsiveness of quantity demanded of a commodity to a change in price of the commodity in question ,price of other related commodity n the consumers income
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