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To see how marketable permits can work to reduce pollution, consider the four firms listed in [link] . The table shows current emissions of lead from each firm. At the start of the marketable permit program, each firm receives permits to allow this level of pollution. However, these permits are shrinkable, and next year the permits allow the firms to emit only half as much pollution. Let’s say that in a year, Firm Gamma finds it easy and cheap to reduce emissions from 600 tons of lead to 200 tons, which means that it has permits that it is not using that allow emitting 100 tons of lead. Firm Beta reduces its lead pollution from 400 tons to 200 tons, so it does not need to buy any permits, and it does not have any extra permits to sell. However, although Firm Alpha can easily reduce pollution from 200 tons to 150 tons, it finds that it is cheaper to purchase permits from Gamma rather than to reduce its own emissions to 100. Meanwhile, Firm Delta did not even exist in the first period, so the only way it can start production is to purchase permits to emit 50 tons of lead.

The total quantity of pollution will decline. But the buying and selling of the marketable permits will determine exactly which firms reduce pollution and by how much. With a system of marketable permits, the firms that find it least expensive to do so will reduce pollution the most.

How marketable permits work
Firm Alpha Firm Beta Firm Gamma Firm Delta
Current emissions—permits distributed free for this amount 200 tons 400 tons 600 tons 0 tons
How much pollution will these permits allow in one year? 100 tons 200 tons 300 tons 0 tons
Actual emissions one year in the future 150 tons 200 tons 200 tons 50 tons
Buyer or seller of marketable permit? Buys permits for 50 tons Doesn’t buy or sell permits Sells permits for 100 tons Buys permits for 50 tons

Another application of marketable permits occurred when the Clean Air Act was amended in 1990. The revised law sought to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from electric power plants to half of the 1980 levels out of concern that sulfur dioxide was causing acid rain, which harms forests as well as buildings. In this case, the marketable permits the federal government issued were free of charge (no pun intended) to electricity-generating plants across the country, especially those that were burning coal (which produces sulfur dioxide). These permits were of the “shrinkable” type; that is, the amount of pollution allowed by a given permit declined with time.

Better-defined property rights

A clarified and strengthened idea of property rights can also strike a balance between economic activity and pollution. Ronald Coase (1910–2013), who won the 1991 Nobel Prize in economics, offered a vivid illustration of an externality: a railroad track running beside a farmer’s field where the railroad locomotive sometimes gives off sparks and sets the field ablaze. Coase asked whose responsibility it was to address this spillover. Should the farmer be required to build a tall fence alongside the field to block the sparks? Or should the railroad be required to put some gadget on the locomotive’s smokestack to reduce the number of sparks?

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price is tantalisingly the only factor determining demand which can be analyze the view
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Price is tantalizingly the only factor determining demand which can be analyze the view
what is scarcity
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the state of being scarce or in short supply; shortage.
what is meant by an abnormal demand curve?
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what is microeconomics
Berun Reply
micronomics can be define as that part of Economics that deals with small scale business. e.g. House hold stuff
Micro economics is the study of individuals, households and firms' behavior un decision making and allocation of resources
what is underemployment
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It is the situation where the available resources are not used to it optimum
state the law of diminishing returns
Bless, the law of diminishing returns state that one point, adding a single worker will result in a decrease of production.
it is a situation where by people are employ but work under their potential
David please go into details kk
Akua pls when you say people alone? what about facilities?
Definition of underemployment. 1 : the condition in which people in a labor force are employed at less than full-time or regular jobs or at jobs inadequate with respect to their training or economic needs
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what does law of demand says?
with a diagram explain fairy elastic demand
comprehensive answer for public finance is the money that a government has available to spend from taxes and borrowing.
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what then comprises of public opinion
what is macro economics
Definition of demand and supply
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whatd is name of economic scholars defined classic view
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Whole Classical view is based on J.B.Say's Law of Marker demand
the science of economic has both positive and normative aspect,discuss.
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simplified definition of a production possibility curve
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This is call the PFF curve .
A country can produce lots of guns, or lots of butter. But, they cannot produce lots of both. The solution to this is called comparative advantage. Comparative advantage is that different countrys specialize in different areas, and then trade.
this is call the. pff curve
It is defind as a curve which shows various combinations of two goods produced with given resources
it means a country with a given level of technology and available resources can produce two goods only if the technology or resources are efficiently utilize. In d process of utilization you will produce one goods more than the other that is why the downward slope of a PPC curve indicates opp cost
Shows all the possible combination of two goods or services
it is d intersection of two different variables
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what is equilibrium ?
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the quantity of demanded for a good is equal to its quantity supplied. Qdd=Qss
in economics, an equilibrium is situation in which : 1. qd=qd 2.no tendency or quantity to change 3. the market just clears without surplus/shortage
it is the intersection between two variables. Because you did not specify the equilibrium you talking about is it consumer or market forces
A state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced
Equilibrium refers to the economic situation where supply and demand for a certain goods and services in market is equal, which represents a stable market price to purchase and sell.
curve d and s intersection
yes jahan par demand and supply intersect karte hai wahi par equilibrium hota hai
Equilibrium is when two variables intersect.
equilibrium is a point where demand and supply meet with out shortages or surplus.
Hmm scholars
am new here I want to know more about economics
Micro and macro
What do you think?
can someone explain demand and supply
demand is a quantity of a commodity which could be offer for sales at a particular price. !!!!...And supply is also a quantity of a commodity which could be brought by a consumer at a given price and time.
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Economic is the study of scarcity, Desires and Choices Elaborate the Statement
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what is economics
what is economic
economics is a study of how people use their limited resources to try to fulfill their unlimited wants and involves alternative or choices.
economic is the social science which study behaviour as a relationship between end and scares which have alternative uses
scarcity( land, labour, capital and enterprise) -occurs as human wants are greater than the available resources, but the most important concept in economics is if there is no scarcity , then there will be no economics study. choice - when scarcity exist , choices are made out of the available alt
Economic is the study of mankind in ordinary business of life it examines that part of life which most closely connected with the attainment and with the use of material requisites of well being
economics is a subject initiated by late Adam Smith
It Deals with rational allocation of scarce goods n service
hey how should I undestand economics
what is production possibility curve
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