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Day care in delhi

Our challenge is to meet the needs of children

Now is the time

The challenges in front of us are great as we come together as a global community to address basic human needs and to flourishas a human kind. As the largest professional group on the planet at 59 million, we, the teachers can come together to make the necessary changes toimprove the quality of life for all. Archimedes once said, "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the Earth." We, the teachers, are that lever.

Congratulations in completing Teachers Without Borders Certificate of Teaching Mastery! We know that you have worked hardand hopefully with lots of joy. Our grandest wish is that you take what you have learned and use it for the greatest common good.

In this section, we ask that you complete one final assignment and read on to see "What's Next" as it relates to:

  • Your Electronic Teaching Portfolio
  • Becoming a Mentor
  • Starting a Community Teaching and Learning Center
  • Telling a Friend about the Certificate of Teaching Mastery

Assignment 1: gratitude and celebration

To do this assignment, click on the Word icon below. When it appears, press "Save" so that you can work on this assignment"off-line."

Assignment 2: Gratitude and Celebration

This Certificate of Teaching Mastery began with Hospitality. You may remember that in the first assignment of theIntroductory Seminar we asked you to describe to your mentor how it is in your culture that someone is made to feel welcome. We ask you now to complete thefollowing:

  • Describe how it is in your culture that someone expresses gratitude or thanks.
  • Describe how it is in your culture that someone celebrates after an accomplishment as large as completing this Certificate of TeachingMastery.
  • Create a visual image that represents you and your life as a teacher. You may wish to draw it, sketch it, or dance it. Describe that visualimage.
  • Send your answers to 1-3 to your mentor and to your cohort.
  • Once you've read your learning circle's response to #2, include 1 idea from each person in your celebration so that as you celebrate - wherever you are - you will also feel the presence of your learningcircle and your mentor.

Your electronic teaching portfolio

Your electronic Teaching Portfolio is available for you to use in a number of different ways after the completion of theCertificate of Teaching Mastery:

  • You can add to it or delete from it, especially as your résumé changes and other letters of support are written that you wish to add.(Remember, too, once you get your mentor's Letter of Recommendation you'll want to add that to your portfolio.)
  • If you would like to share your work for the Certificate of Teaching Mastery with a potential employer, a colleague, or friend, simply givethat person the website address and your full name, and they'll be able to view the contents of your portfolio.
  • Your Teaching Portfolio is active (free of charge) for two full years after the completion of your Certificate of Teaching Mastery. Afterthat time, it is your responsibility to contact Teachers Without Borders to let us know if you would like to keep your portfolio on thesite. (At that time, we'll let you know the cost of keeping it active.)

Becoming a mentor

When you become a mentor, you extend a hand to the next person. You help a colleague bring innovation into his/her classroom thatultimately enhances the lives of children around the world.

If you are interested in applying, please send an email to us at:


or contact us through our website: teacherswithoutborders.org

Starting a Community Teaching and Learning Center (CTLC)

The heart of any village, town, or city is the center where learning takes place. A place where people from the community can cometogether to talk, to meet, to discuss, to learn, to connect with each other, and - in the case of computer availability - to connect with the world.Teachers Without Borders supports the development and growth of Community Teaching and Learning Centers (CTLC).

If your Service Project helped you to move towards this goal, you may wish to continue by taking our full course on how to start a CTLCin your area. This can provide you with the opportunity for community leadership and a possible source of income.

If your Service Project was not connected to starting a CTLC and you wish to learn more, read about Teachers Without Borders CTLC onour website, and then you, too, may wish to take our CTLC course.

For more information about starting a Teachers Without Borders' Community Teaching and Learning Center, please send anemail to us at:


or contact us through our website: teacherswithoutborders.org

What's next for us

  • An official, physical document with a Teachers Without Borders seal will be sent to you verifying that you have successfully completed allof the requirements for the Teachers Without Borders Certificate of Teaching Mastery. Please email us atctm@teacherswithoutborders.org to confirm your mailing address.
  • Please email us at ideas@teacherswithoutborders.org or go to our website teacherswithoutborders.org to let us know how we can be of helpto you in the future. What's Next for us to do?
  • Our hospitality, gratitude, and celebration is on-going. We have more courses for you to experience regarding "learning and earning"opportunities, health education, and HIV-AIDS. Please let us know if you would like to receive information about these and other courses.Also, please let us know what courses you would like to see offered in the future.
  • Tell a friend, your school, or government about our Certificate of Teaching Mastery. We look forward to widening the web of globalcolleagues and kindred spirits.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.


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