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  • You can find more information at the following web sites:

1. www.askjeeves.com (Type in the question.)

2. www.google.com (Type in the key word.)

3. www.mweb.co.za (Go to the library.)


Reader's Digest Illustrated Story of WORLD WAR I , Cape Town, 1969

Visit your nearest library. Ask a librarian to show you where reference books on the First World War are kept.

  • You have now evaluated and selected sources.
  • Write your own research that you did with the help of the information on WEAPONS.

If you were unsuccessful in finding or selecting information you may use the story of a veteran fighter (correctly documented and dated) as proof of your research.

  • The following assignment must be assessed by class members.


Assignment:[lo 1.4, 1.5]

  • Use your information and write down your ideas here. Try to communicate your results as clearly as possible.

1. Why do you think, normal people use weapons?

2. Should there be a restriction on the (a) number of and (b) type of weapons in a country? MOTIVATE your answers!

3. Why does weapons technology advance during war time?

  • Remember that everybody has different interests, so you should read the information gathered by your class members.


Activity 1:

SOURCE A: 1. secondary (1)

2. combined (1) from primary sources (1)

3. electricity/water/roads/etc. any two (2)

4. Any essential services OR excess money / unnecessary services (2) 5. Sultan of Turkey (1) the money was not spent to their benefit OR Turkey took the money. Any answer. /2/ =10

Activity 2: Facts for the TIME LINE

1871 End of the Franco-Prussian war that humiliated France.

1904 France and Britain enter into the Entente Cordiale.

1905 Japan wins the war against Russia, the Duma established.

1906 Conference in Algeciras at which Morocco is discussed.

1907 Triple Entente entered into between France, Britain and Russia.


1. French, because the army of occupation was French. (2)

2. Roman Catholic Denomination. The Italian missionaries believed this. (2)

3.1 Any: rules itself OR establishes its own laws OR People enjoy freedom. (2)

3.2 Disadvantage Any: Without resources it is on its own OR Must have powerful weapons because of being responsible for its own defence. (2)

4. Any: The historian is able to trace the exact borders OR research land

ownership. (2)



Learning outcomes (LOs)

LO 1

Historical Enquiry

The learner will be able to use enquiry skills to investigate the past and present

Assessment standards(ASs)

We know this when the learner:

1.1 continues to identify and select a variety of historical and archaeological sources relevant to an inquiry [finds sources];

1.2 evaluates the sources used (e.g. “Who created the source?”, “Is it reliable?”, “How useful is the information?”) [works with sources];

1.4 presents an original idea as part of an answer to questions posed [answers the question];

1.5 communicates knowledge and understanding by constructing own interpretation and argument based on the historical sources (including extended writing, artwork, graphics and drama); uses information technology where available and appropriate [communicates the answer].

LO 2

Historical Knowledge and Understanding

The learner will be able to demonstrate historical knowledge and understanding

We know this when the learner:

2.1 begins to make links between historical events and processes in different contexts in the same period [chronology and time];

2.2 recognises that causes and effects of effects vary in importance [cause and effect];

2.3 explains charges in a wider historical and environmental context [change and continuity]

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