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Comprehensive list of websites on culture (including lesson plans) - from Teachers Without Borders

Practical resources: classroom inclusion

Classroom Inclusion and Learning

Participants share their own experiences as students, exploring different ways people are made to feel included in, orexcluded from, the learning process. The existence of different learning needs and the necessity for a wide range of teaching styles emerge.

Student Fishbowl

A student fishbowl gives pre-service and in-service educators an opportunity to hear the experiences, ideas, and critiques ofcurrent students while giving the students an opportunity to be active in the dialogue on multicultural education and education transformation.

Multicultural Awareness Quiz

Critical thinking about all media and information is an essential aspect of multicultural learning. Test your understanding and your students' or participants' understanding of race, gender, andsocioeconomic class with this activity, leading seamlessly into a dialogue on stereotypes, misinformation and prejudices, and how theyinform teaching and learning.

Facilitating the Difficult Dialogue: Role Plays

Teachers are often hesitant to introduce topics like racism, sexism, classism, and heterosexism in the classroom because theirtraining has not prepared them to handle the issues and exchanges that may result. This activity provides participants an opportunity to sharestories of when discussions about these topics took an unexpected turn, and to generate ideas about how to address these circumstances in the future.

PDF files below:

Classroom Inclusion and Learning

Student Fishbowl

Multicultural Awareness Quiz

Facilitating the Difficult Dialogue: Role Plays

Additional Resources:

Bibliography for multicultural education (PDF below)

Language-related sites (online only)

Bibliography for Multicultural Education

Assignment 4: teacher reflection

To do this assignment, click on the Word icon below. When it appears, press "Save" so that you can work on this assignment"off-line."

Assignment 4: Teacher Reflection

  • Provide a weekly journal evaluating your progress. Take about 1 hour for each week to reflect on:
    • The clarity of your directions
    • The level of engagement and interest of your students
    • Areas of success
    • Areas of challenge
    • What you would do to enhance or improve this project next time
    • What information do you need in order to grow professionally in this area
    When you are finished, you will have 2 journal entries of approximately 4-5 paragraphs for each week.
  • Share your journal with your learning circle.
  • Choose one thing you read about in someone else's journal and reflect upon it in 2-3 paragraphs.

Assignment 5, part 1 of 3: collaborating to solve problems

In Course 3, we explored Problem-Based Learning. (You may wish to review that information.)

Please test the following lesson plan, either in your class, in an after-school program, or on the weekends. The instructionshere are quite sophisticated. Please make the appropriate decisions regarding the capacity of your students to handle the work. Withmodification, this activity can be adapted for young people 8 years old and up. This activity requires 30-60 minutes.

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