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Assignment 11: professional reflections

Assignment 11: Professional Reflections


One Way

To do this assignment, click on the link in color at the top of the page. When it appears, press "Save" and name the file so that you canwork on this assignment "off-line." You can type right on the assignment template. Be sure to save your assignment on a disk or on your computer harddrive.

Another Way

You can also copy the text below, and save it to your disk or computer.

GOAL: To refine and gather your thoughts into one professional statement and vision.

GIVE: Feedback to others on their assignments at the TWB Learning Cafe by clicking here .

Assignment 11: Professional Reflections

Please prepare a final Reflection Paper incorporating what you have learned in Course 1. Follow the instructionsfor each part:

Part One: Professional Statement

Write a 1 - 2 page statement that responds to the following and includes these as topic headings:

What I Believe

Why I Teach

What I Teach

How I Teach

(For an example of a Professional Statement, click on the Word icon below.)

Sample Professional Statement

Part Two: Reflection

Please answer the following questions:

  • Kabir, once said, "Wherever you are is the entry point." Where are you now in your teaching practices? Where would you like to be? How will youget from here to there?
  • What do you want to keep in your teaching practices and what do you want to throw away. Why?
  • What are the challenges that lie ahead?
  • What in this course material has struck the most responsive chord in you? What idea or ideas stand out for you and stay with you now?

Part Three: The Imagined Classroom

Imagine one day in the life of a student at your school in the year 2010.

  • Using the research from this course as a source for ideas, as well as futuristic thinking you carry within your heart and mind, describethat student's day through his/her eyes from the moment s/he wakes up until s/he goes to sleep (including, of course, time spent at schooland, specifically, in your class). (1-page)

Assignment 12: effectiveness of course 1

Congratulations on completing Course 1: Educationfor the New Millennium!

As you know, there are several other courses for you to choose from. However, before you begin another course, please send an emailto us at: ctm@teacherswithoutborders.org and let us know that you are ready to receive the "Effectiveness of Course 1 Survey." We ask that you completethis simple survey as your final assignment for Course 1.

We are eager to learn how to make this course even better. Thank you, in advance, for completing this survey as it will have anenormous impact for future versions of Course 1: Education for the New Millennium.


If you would like to learn how to post your "Professional Statement" and "Imagined Classroom" documents (both fromAssignment 11) to your

E-Portfolio, please click here .


Save examples of your students' work as you go through these courses. You'll be glad you did. Course 5 asks you to post samples ofyour students' work for your final E-Portfolio.

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