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Grade 4

Food production in south africa

Module 25

The fishing industry

When you look at a map of South Africa, you'll see that the sea on three sides borders the country. South Africa has a very long coastline reaching from Alexander Bay in the Northwest to Kosi Bay on the northeasterly coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Many South Africans therefore also make a living from fishing.

FISHING AREAS in South Africa

  • Larger fish like barracuda (snoek) and cob (kabeljou) are caught with hand lines from boats, while other deep-sea types like sardines and hake are caught in nets trailed from behind boats.
  • The sea is a large source of food and approximately 30 000 people annually make a living from the fishing industry in South Africa. Many people also angle for sport. Besides the sea fish that are caught, smaller quantities of fresh water fish also appear in delicious dishes on many tables.

Can you find three reasons for the importance of the fishing industry to south africa in the above paragraphs?

Activity 1

To fill in as many examples as possible in a table [lo 1.2]

Fish as Food
Sea fish Fresh water fish
Activity 2: To complete a flow diagram on the processing of fish [LO 1.1]
  • Study the following sketches and complete the diagram.

Processing of fish

(flow diagram)


Learning outcome 1: geographical enquiry

The learner will be able to use enquiry skills to investigate geographical and

environmental concepts and processes.

Assessment standard

We know this when the learner:

1.1 identifies information from various sources (maps, atlases, books) [finds sources].

1.2 organises information under given headings [works with sources].


The processing of fish

  • Fish is caught in different ways e.g. dragnets; hand lines.
  • Fish is weighed, cleaned and sold.
  • Fish is transported to factories (industrial) where it is processed.
  • Fish is processed to products such as fish oil, fishcakes, fish fingers, and fresh fish for frying or braaiing.

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