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  • Tekens en simptome:Iemand wat asbestose onder lede het, kan eers baie later in sy/haar lewe vir die eerste keer tekens of simptome van die siekte begin ervaar. Soms is dit eers tussen 10 en 20 jaar later.Tipiese simptome wat ‘n pasiënt met asbestose sal ervaar:
  • kort van asem;
  • haal met moeite asem;
  • konstante hoes;
  • lei tot hoesspasmas;
  • “vaste” bors;
  • borspyne;
  • pasiënt voel swak en siek;
  • swak slaappatrone;
  • swak eetlus.
  • Behandeling:

Daar is ongelukkig geen genesing van asbestose nie. Geneeshere probeer slegs om die simptome te verlig.

Die pasiënt moet onmiddellik alle moontlike kontak met asbes uitskakel en indien hy/sy rook, dit dadelik staak. Die longinfeksie moet aggressief behandel word. Asbestose-pasiënte moet ook alles moontlik doen om verkoues of griep vry te spring.



[LU 3.1; 3.3]

  • Hier volg ‘n uittreksel uit die toespraak van Mnr. Mabudafhasi, as adjunkminister van omgewingsake en toerisme van S.A., by die openbare verhoor oor asbes op 28 Januarie 2003.

Asbestos has been mined in this country for many years. By 1910 five asbestos mines were operating in South Africa. By the 1950’s, in other parts of the world such as Britain, companies have become aware that exposure to asbestos is harmful to human health and causes disease. In South Africa this realisation was not embraced so workers continued to remain ignorant of the true dangers of asbestos.

In South Africa the problem is more acute in the Limpopo Province and Northern Cape where reports indicate that children are forever playing on asbestos polluted and contaminated grounds. South Africa must come to term with the fact that we have an asbestos industry. The challenge is to ensure that all parts of the asbestos chain, from mining to ultimately removal and waste disposal, are handled in a responsible manner to avoid pollution that could be harmful to both the environment and the people.

Looking at the policy approach, the precautionary principle is a key part of South Africa’s environmental management policy. This means that our approach to development and good environmental governance is that where any risks exists, we need to focus our energies on preventive action to counteract any possible harm that could result from such development action.

However, the overall government policy on asbestos is till in its infancy. It is against this policy background that I must announce my profound appreciation of the efforts undertaken by government departments to deal with identified sources of asbestos problem. The Department of Minerals and Energy (DME) has started to deal with the mine dumps, but the issue of secondary pollution into nearby villages still remains unresolved. It is of course unsatisfactory that the mining companies that made huge profits have simply disappeared and did not contribute to this effort.

Since 1996, the National Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs and Tourism took the initiative to investigate the impacts of asbestos within South Africa. The effects of asbestos are felt throughout the country, en every province, either through having mines or mine dumps in their provinces or through the use of asbestos products by consumers in general. Ex-workers and other sufferers of asbestos related diseases contracted due to environmental exposure are also not confined to one particular region but extend beyond our borders.

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Beantwoord die volgende vrae nadat julle die inhoud van die toespraak in groepverband bespreek het:

1. Doen ons land genoeg om gevare van asbesstof aan te spreek?

2. Wat word reeds in SA gedoen om die negatiewe uitwerking van asbesstof te bekamp?

3. Wat kan gedoen word om die inwoners van SA teen die gevare te beskerm?


LU 3


Die leerder is in staat om ingeligte besluite oor sosiale en omgewingsvraagstukke en –probleme te neem.

Dit is duidelik wanneer die leerder:

3.1 vraagstukke wat met hulpbronne en dienste in ‘n spesifieke konteks gepaardgaan, identifiseer [identifiseer die vraagstuk];

3.2 faktore wat veroorsaak dat sommige mense in ‘n spesifieke konteks groter toegang tot hulpbronne as ander het, identifiseer [faktore wat die vraagstuk affekteer];

3.3 maniere voorstel om toegang tot hulpbronne in ‘n spesifieke konteks te verbeter [maak keuses].



  • Die fabriek hergebruik die “besoedelde” water



Berig 1: Werker siek a.g.v. werksomstandighede

Berig 2: Sterftes a.g.v. werksomstandighede toegesmeer

Berig 3: Besoedeling lei tot verswakking in gesondheid

Berig 4: Myne besoedel grond en riviere


  • Laekoste-behuising sowel as mynhuise naby aan nywerhede geleë – verswakking in gesondheid
  • Ontbossing – gebrek aan suurstof
  • Mense moet ingelig wees oor gevare. Dit moet sigbaar wees dat besture dit teenwerk



  • Beleid reeds in plek, maar word nog nie oral suksesvol toegepas nie.
  • Mynbesture nie genoegsaam betrokke by die bekamping van negatiewe invloed nie.


  • Beleid saamgestel
  • Probeer voorkomend optree
  • Toepassing van beleid nog in babaskoene

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