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    Some disadvantages of oer include:

  • Quality of available OER materials inconsistent
  • Materials may not meet Section 508 ADA accessibility or SCORM requirements and must be modify to bring into compliance
  • No common standard for review of OER accuracy and quality 
  • Need to check accuracy of content
  • Customization necessary to match departmental and/or college curriculum requirements
  • Technical requirements to access vary
  • Technological determinism created by the delivery tool

Case study

In his May 2006 article "Bye the Book My year of teaching environmental science without a textbook" Eric Pallant describes how he and co-professor Terry Bensel experimented with teaching their Introduction to Environmental Science course at Allegheny College with no textbook. Instead they used a variety of open educational resources. Based on self-report, 41 of 46 students in their first-semester class read the same or more than they would have in a textbook. The experiment proved successful enough that the entire academic department has embraced the concept of OER. Faculty have distributed the work of collecting and banking websites for common use.


Recently, several websites have become available that provide tools to support the identification, development, use, re-use, collaboration, and delivery of open learning content including searching and organization of content. Some websites, such as: OER Commons , Open Learn , Open Content , WikiEducator , Connexions , OWL Institute , and OERderves , are devoted to nurturing online learning communities, wikis, and blogs on various aspects of OER. Also, a new journal has gone online with a focus on OER: Eduforge: The International Journal of Open Education Resources .

Support for oer use on campus

In order to promote use of OER across campus, the challenges must be identified and addressed.  Results of a two-year study are presented in the article " Why Study Users: An Environmental Scan of Use and Users of Digital Resources in the Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate Education ."  Based on this study, barriers to use of digital resources including the lack of direct relevance to their preferred pedagogical approaches, and insufficient time and classroom resources. Challenges

  • Resources for faculty support
  • Quality assurance of learning materials
  • Limited availability of fully vetted and comprehensive learning materials in some disciplines
  • Articulation and transfer issues
  • Printing and computer lab demands on campus by students
  • Identification of collaborative tools for development, use, and delivery of OER learning materials
  • Fostering use of the tools by faculty
  • Compliance with federal and state accessibility requirements

Resources Needed to Support Faculty Use and Development of OER

  • Training
  • Technical assistance
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Release time



1. Get connected and become a part of the OER movement community:

2. Read at least one of the following about the OER movement:


1. Once you have joined OER Commons , make your own posting to the OER Matters Discussions area. Click on OER Matters Teaching and Learning Forum to answer the following question:

"Opening up new avenues for teachers and learners to select and augment learning resources that meet one’s unique teaching and learning needs is the basic mission behind OER. But how do OER impact teaching and learning and what are the issues that we need to take into consideration?""


Now that you have a general idea of what OER is all about, you should be ready to make a couple of decisions:

1. Do you want to learn more about OER?

  • Decide which lessons you want to complete in this tutorial.
  • Decide the order in which you want to complete the lessons that makes the most sense for your learning needs.

2. Do you want to get the most out of this learning experience?

  • Invite a colleague to join you in this tutorial.
  • Complete all the exercises listed in the Activity component of each Lesson.

Review questions

  • What are Open Educational Resources?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to using OER for teaching?


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