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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

C. E. Lewis

Don’t Panic Mechanic

Jenny Dobson

Dogs of Fear

Musa Nagenda

The wonderful world of Henry Sugar

Roald Dahl

*Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë

Joe Cassidy and the Red Hot Cha Cha

Janet Smith


Sol T. Plaatje

Wyrd Sisters

Terry Prachett

*Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck

The Red Pony

John Steinbeck

Mpho’s Search

Sandra Braude

Dragon Prince (Book 1)

Melanie Rawn

The Star Scroll (Book 2)

Melanie Rawn

Sunrunner’s Fire (Book 3)

Melanie Rawn

The Boy Who Counted to a Million

Lawrence Bransby


Frank Herbert

Dune Messiah

Frank Herbert

Children of Dune

Frank Herbert

2001 – A Space Odyssey

Arthur C. Clark

Winds of Change (Short Stories)

Isaac Asimov

Father Come Home

Ezekiel Mphahlele

The Red-Haired Khumalo

Elana Bregin

*I heard the owl call my name

Margaret Craven

No Turning Back

Beverly Naidoo

The Strollers

Lesley Beake

Who killed Jimmy Valentine

Michael Williams

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

J.K. Rowling

Parade of the Misfits

George Weideman

Boikie, You Better Believe It

Dianne Hofmeyr

Love, David

Dianne Case

92 Queens Road

Dianne Case

Not Another Love Story

Dawn Garisch

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl

The Joining

Peter Slingsby

The Hungry People

Sol Plaatje

I am David

Anne Holm

Check List for Book Report

Make sure you have all the items required for your book report.

Title and Author:

Name of Publisher(s):

Year of publication:

Genre (Type of Book):

Hero’s name:

Villain’s name:

The names of two other favourite characters:

Reason for liking these two characters:


New Words I discovered:

Favourite part:

What book is about? (plot):

Lessons from story?:

  • Read to your heart's content. Reading can help you experience the joy of flying, the marvel of magic, the art of kissing and can take you to places, that you have never been to or could never even have imagined.The more you read, the better you learn to think, to imagine, to create, to speak, to write and to have insight.

Sharing the joy of reading with your parents

  • Your parents must have favourite books of their own; either books that they have read recently or books that they read when they were your age or younger. Talk to them and find out about the joy that reading has brought them. Ask your parents to:
  • Name their favourite book.
  • Write down other title(s) that they have read.
  • Say where the stories are set.
  • Write down the names of some of the main characters of the books.
  • Draw up a list of any THREE good characters (heroes) and any THREE bad characters (villains).
  • Write next to their names, what it is that makes them good or bad characters.
Heroes Reason
Villains Reason

You could perhaps read one of the books that your parents read at your age. You might be pleasantly surprised!

You could share one of your books with your parents. You might surprise them!

  • Remember that reading is an important life skill. It is food for your brain, helping your brain to grow. YOU ARE WHAT YOU READ! This might even be a way of showing your parents how you have matured!

Activity 2:

To use common prefixes and suffixes to work out meaning and to form words

[lo 6.1]

  • A knowledge of prefixes and suffixes is crucial to understanding words which generally empower your language skills.

Questions & Answers

a perfect square v²+2v+_
Dearan Reply
kkk nice
Abdirahman Reply
algebra 2 Inequalities:If equation 2 = 0 it is an open set?
Kim Reply
or infinite solutions?
Embra Reply
if |A| not equal to 0 and order of A is n prove that adj (adj A = |A|
Nancy Reply
rolling four fair dice and getting an even number an all four dice
ramon Reply
Kristine 2*2*2=8
Bridget Reply
Differences Between Laspeyres and Paasche Indices
Emedobi Reply
No. 7x -4y is simplified from 4x + (3y + 3x) -7y
Mary Reply
is it 3×y ?
Joan Reply
J, combine like terms 7x-4y
Bridget Reply
im not good at math so would this help me
Rachael Reply
how did I we'll learn this
Noor Reply
f(x)= 2|x+5| find f(-6)
Prince Reply
f(n)= 2n + 1
Samantha Reply
Need to simplify the expresin. 3/7 (x+y)-1/7 (x-1)=
Crystal Reply
. After 3 months on a diet, Lisa had lost 12% of her original weight. She lost 21 pounds. What was Lisa's original weight?
Chris Reply
preparation of nanomaterial
Victor Reply
Yes, Nanotechnology has a very fast field of applications and their is always something new to do with it...
Himanshu Reply
can nanotechnology change the direction of the face of the world
Prasenjit Reply
At high concentrations (>0.01 M), the relation between absorptivity coefficient and absorbance is no longer linear. This is due to the electrostatic interactions between the quantum dots in close proximity. If the concentration of the solution is high, another effect that is seen is the scattering of light from the large number of quantum dots. This assumption only works at low concentrations of the analyte. Presence of stray light.
Ali Reply
the Beer law works very well for dilute solutions but fails for very high concentrations. why?
bamidele Reply
how did you get the value of 2000N.What calculations are needed to arrive at it
Smarajit Reply
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QuizOver.com Reply

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