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English first additional language

Grade 8

Language as a tool

Module 14

To read for information

Activity 1

To use reference books

[lo 3.8]

Working with your Dictionary

  • When you use a dictionary, you will find that there are guide words at the top of each page. e.g.

cull page 156 curtsy

  • This shows us that cull is the very first word on that page and that curtsy is the last word.
  • These two words will help you decide whether the word you are looking for is on that page.
  • This is a real time-saver. Use it!

Using the above example of guide words decide whether the following words are on this page or not.

culture ; curve; cupful; curry; culinary; currency

WORD On the page Not on the page

1. Now quickly put the words above in alphabetical order. You will have to look at the third letter in order to do this.

2. Quickly arrange the following words in alphabetical order. You will need to look at the fourth letter in each word in order to do this.

spike ; spiral; spine; spit; spice

3. Put the following list in alphabetical order. In this list you will need to look at the fifth letter in each word in order to do this.

paratroops; parallel; paralyse; paraphrase; parasol

4. Mila has the following list of curry ingredients. Arrange them in alphabetical order for her.

cardamon seeds; pine kernels ; chillies; turmeric; paprika ; cinnamon; gharum masala; coriander; buttermilk.

Use a dictionary to look up the meanings of all the words that are new to you in these exercises.

  • Remember the new words and try to use them in a conversation and writing as soon as possible.

Find FIVE words which are new to you in the story Mila’s Magic

  • Make your own dictionary page for them.
  • Arrange them in alphabetical order.
  • Look up the meanings in a dictionary.
  • Now fill in the guide words at the top of the page.

Activity 2:

To read a text (fiction)to read for information

[lo 3.1, 3.4]

Let us complete the story of Mila and her curry.

Mila’s Magic (continued)

14 Mila focused on survival in her new home. The dunes became her paradise. One day her best and only friend, Frieda, approached her with great excitement.

“Mila, Mila! Come! You must read this!” Frieda could hardly contain her excitement. She was waving a piece of paper torn from a magazine.

“Mr Smith will kill you if he sees this!” Mila objected. Frieda seemed not to hear. “What is this?” Mila asked.

15 Frieda, knowing Mila’s secret passion for curry – Gram’s curry, had come across a competition. Anyone could enter an original recipe for curry. The prize-money was R30 000 and an all-expenses paid cruise to a destination of your choice for a family of four. The competition was the highlight of the centennial celebrations of Bashir’s Family Travel Company.

16 It was not the cash or Frieda’s nagging, but the cruise which finally did the trick. Every afternoon the two girls would have a secret mission – to find all the ingredients. They begged and did chores for cash. Mila ensured that nobody at home knew what they were planning. Sara would use the ingredients, take ownership of the recipe and probably enter the competition herself.

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