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English first additional language

Grade 6

Module 14

To solve a word puzzle

Activity 1:

To solve a word puzzle

[lo 3.7.5]

Let’s have a look at some real wild animals now.

Circle one letter from each word to find thirteen animals, birds and reptiles. The words in the clues will help. (Number one has been done for you.)

For example: 1. R-A-T = rat

  1. b r own t a il bi t e
  1. ears grass babies burrow field fast
  1. speak gay tropical feathers multi-coloured pet
  1. carry aggressive jump desert long-necked
  1. golden king roar jungle
  1. poison long scales quick tongue
  1. black forest large fur
  1. pink dirty greedy
  1. hunt striped growl fierce courageous
  1. small nervous quiet cheese hole
  1. timid speedy gentle herd
  1. angora horns hair mountains
  1. loud cross stubborn back hooves grey

Use each of the above words, with a collective noun, in a sentence.

( Make up a collective noun if you need to.)

Educator’s assessment:

Criteria 1 2 3 4
Correctness of sentences Requires assistance to create meaningful sentences Sentences too simple Correct, simple sentences Correct, imaginative sentences
Punctuation and spelling Poor – difficult to decipher Still developing – many errors Good – very few errors Excellent - no errors
Neatness Untidy Presentation inconsistent, greater care needed Good presentation Excellent presentation, great care taken


LO 3
READING AND VIEWING The learner will be able to read and view for information and enjoyment, and to respond critically to the aesthetic, cultural and emotional values in texts.
3.3 reads for information:
3.3.2 scans graphs, timetables, etc. for specific information;
3.3.3 summarises a paragraph (e.g. identifies the main point and the topic sentence);
3.7 reads for pleasure:
3.7.5 solves word puzzles.


In this activity the focus is on REAL animals and not imaginary ones! Learners must look carefully at all the animals in the picture. Have a discussion about what animals they can see and what they are called. In the table that follows the picture, words that are associated with each animal are listed in a block. Learners must guess what animal is being referred to. One letter in each word must be circled to make up the animal’s name.

  1. b r own t a il bi t e
  1. ears grass babies burrow field fast
  1. speak gay tropical feathers multi-coloured pet
  1. carry aggressive jump desert long-necked
  1. golden king roar jungle
  1. poison long scales quick tongue
  1. black forest large fur
  1. pink dirty greedy
  1. hunt striped growl fierce courageous
  1. small nervous quiet cheese hole
  1. timid speedy gentle herd
  1. angora horns hair mountains
  1. loud cross stubborn back hooves grey

Once they have completed this part of the activity, the learners are then asked to use the words in sentences. The important thing to notice, is that they also need to include a collective noun in the sentence. This means that they may have to make up collective nouns for many of the animals. This is meant to be a fun creative activity and learners can share their suggestions for creative nouns with each other once the activity is complete.

Draw their attention to the fact that they will be assessed on the correctness of their sentences, so they must write full sentences that make sense, even though they are inventing collective nouns. Punctuation, spelling and neatness will also be assessed.

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