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English first additional language

Grade 5

Module 11

Ethical, social and critical issues and classification



[LO 1.1.4]

RESPOND! These boys were teased because they looked different. What advice could you give to one of the boys about being different? What advice would you give to someone who teases you?



[LO 5.2.4]

This fairy tale is being used as an introduction to work on Nouns. So answer carefully.

Underline the correct word, so that the tale makes sense.

Once upon a time three little pigs, Bacon, Rasher and Lard, escaped from the pig farm.

(1)They were homeless and decided to go their separate ways. Lard became tired quickly and decided to build his hut with (straw; builds; strew) from

(2)a nearby (field; happily; fielding).

(3)Rasher walked a little further before tiring and decided to build his bungalow with (sticking; sticks; sticky)

(4)from a nearby (wooden; forest; woody).

(5)Bacon walked and walked and walked until he reached a clearing near a (river; streaming; water)

(6)deep in the (woody; wooden; wood). Here he took

(7)his time to make (bricks; bricked; rebrick) out of mud

(8)in order to build his sturdy (housed; flatly; bungalow).

(9)The wolf eyed Lard lying in the (sun; sunny; sunned) tanning his plump pink

(10)belly. He licked his (chopstick; lips; choppy), spit

running down his hairy chin.

“Mmm …,” he said, “this one will serve as an appetizer. The main course and dessert will follow shortly!”

Fry your brains (and think!)…

Identify the different nouns from the following columns. Just give the number.

1 Common noun 2 Proper noun 3 Collective noun 4 Abstract noun
Casper A litter of kittens anger
a swarm of bees Monday bouquet
ghost peace Pasha
cat a feeling of freedom fear
Pretoria peace December
astonishment A crowd of on-lookers World War 1


Write down two examples of each type of noun:


LO 1

LISTENING The learner will be able to listen for information and enjoyment, and respond appropriately and critically in a wide range of situations.

We know this when the learner:

1.1 understands stories (told or read to learners):

1.1.3 notes relevant information;

1.1.4 discusses ethial, social and critical issues (e.g. “Is the moral of the story right in all circumstances?), codestwitching if necessary;

1.3 understands oral descriptions:

1.3.1 identifies people, objects or places;

1.3.3 notes relevant information.

LO 5

THINKING AND REASONING The learner will able to use language to think and reason, and access, process and use information for learning.

We know this when the learner:

5.2 uses language for thinking:

5.2.4 classifies things according to criteria;

5.2.5 identifies similarities and differences between things;

5.2.6 distinguishes parts from the whole;

5.2.8 expresses opinions and gives reasons for them.


Activity 1

Encourage the learners to speak about the issue. Depending on your class set-up, you might find it more beneficial to allow them first to discuss the topic in their groups, before giving feedback.

  • What is teasing?
  • Why is it sometimes fun to tease?
  • Who gets teased?
  • How do you feel when you tease someone / are teased?
  • What is the alternative to teasing?

This is a real-life situation and many of the learners, if not all, will be able to identify – in some way – to being teased or victimized.

Activity 2

The humorous tale of the Three Little Pigs and the big bad wolf has been used as an introduction to Nouns.

Allow the learners, either individually or in pairs, to select the 10 correct answers. This activity is simple and should not prove too difficult. Do not assess this activity – it is solely to be used as an introduction to Nouns and not as a spelling or silent reading exercise.

Answers :

1. straw 2. field

3. sticks 4. forest

5. river 6. wood

7. bricks 8. bungalow

9. sun 10. lips

Use the following to explain to the learners the four types of nouns. Please note that they do not have to know or identify Abstract nouns, but explain what they are to the learners.

Various exercises follow for the purpose of ensuring that the learners are able to distinguish, identify, classify, list or correct words, phrases and sentences – all involving nouns or the uses thereof.

Be selective. If it is not necessary to complete all the given exercises, select only the ones you deem necessary.

This is an interesting activity which allows the pupils to debate as they work. Allow them to work on their own for 5 – 10 minutes, before allowing them to continue in pairs; checking their answers at the same time.

1 Common noun 2 Proper noun 3 Collective noun 4 Abstract noun
2 Casper 3 A litter of kittens 2 Peter
3 a swarm of bees 2 Monday 3 bunch of flowers
1 ghost 4 happiness 2 Pasha
1 cat 4 a feeling of freedom 4 fear
2 Pretoria 4 peace 2 December
1 claws 3 A crowd of on-lookers 2 World War 1

Questions & Answers

what is the cause of a country's population
Destiny Reply
what is producer surplus
Destiny Reply
is the excess earns btn wat a producer was willing to charge for e commodity and wat actually receives after selling it
OK good
what is supply curve
Destiny Reply
are curve that do not obey the law of supply eg aren't +ve
half of 1%
as in what do u mean by that
it simply shows the quantity of goods that a film is willing to supply at each price of a commodity
OK what is the law of supply as u said
It is the indifference curve that indicates the aggregate responsiveness of supply to the price of a commodity, and sometimes its demand of that same commodity.
pls explain how indifference curve connects to the aggregate responsiveness of supply to the price of a commodity
law of supply according to me states that wen thea z higher price of commodity, the higher will be the supply and lower the supply will be for a commodity other factors remain constant
Joshua be clear to your QN plizzz
pls read Gh's comment and break down for me
may be he can explain more because am am also not getting what he was meaning in that statement
plizzz GH explain to us
When demand and supply intersection
then it z called what
can I learning what is meaning off economics
can you tall me what is meaning
what is consumers surplus
Destiny Reply
is a difference btn consumers planned expenditure and actual experience on the commodity
OK good
What exactly are factors that affects Demand and Supply?
Chandrapaul Reply
demand factors price o commodity size o population level o advertising season 4 commodity testes and preferences price o other related commodity level o consumers income government policy on taxation
supply factors general price level natural factor level o taxation technology political climate cost o production number o producers aggregate demand working conditions
yea___ Demographical psychographical geographical factors also account for determination of demand and supply
definition of economics
Emmanuel Reply
economics means to manage the limited resources one has in order to maximize satisfaction.
Economic is a science which study of human behavior as a relationship between and scare means which have alternative uses"
what is price elasticity of supply
Destiny Reply
What is the law of demand and supply
This is when there is a greater percentage change in the supply of commodities as per the percentage change in price. More producers tend to supply more when there is a higher change in the price of commodities and vice versa when price drops.
this seems to explain making decisions on the margins very clearly
what are the importance of studying Economics ?
Amoako Reply
to relate economic principles to the problems o development. exposes students to e future. acquire knowledge. etc ....
it teaches how to make choice and decisions in our homes and every across the nation
what is price elasticity of supply
five definition of economic s
what is monopoly
Baku Reply
is a structure where one seller of a commodity has no close substitute with very many buyers
a market structure where a particular good has no close substitutes
examples railways
is one man business where there is no competetor/competetion and vice versa
what is income elasticity of demand.
kwagala Reply
percentage change in quantity demanded/percentage change in income
or is the measure of degree of responsiveness o quality demanded o the commodity to change in the income of consumer
percentage change in quantity ÷ percentage change in income
it the percentage change in quantity over percentage in surply
the percentage change in quantity over percentage change in income at the end of the day's work done
what is medium
Chinedu Reply
what is medium in terms of economics
as u mean medium of exchange or just as a word
Your question is not clear @Chinedu. In economics medium is often used in relation to time e.g medium term. So you need to be more specific on which medium you mean. Otherwise it "medium" means what it means everywhere else.
what is medium of exchange
What is the difference between inferior goods and complementary goods
Bernard Reply
inferior goods are goods whose demand reduces as consumers income increases
while complementary goods are goods which are jointly demand
Wow thanks
you are welcome
define the term derived demand
rivan Reply
anyone to help with QN
situation in which a product is acquired not for it's sake but to help in the production of other goods. for example we say labour has a derived demand becos labour services is required to help in the production of other goods and services.
The Market equilibrium quantity is___ tons of bolts, the socailly optimal quantity of bolt production is ____ tons
Jackie Reply
please what are the key principles of Economics?
Difference between extinct and extici spicies
Amanpreet Reply
how did you get the value of 2000N.What calculations are needed to arrive at it
Smarajit Reply
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