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Rank the compounds in each of the following groups in order of increasing acidity or basicity, as indicated, and explain the order you assign.

(a) acidity: NaHSO 3 , NaHSeO 3 , NaHSO 4

(b) basicity: BrO 2 , ClO 2 , IO 2

(c) acidity: HOCl, HOBr, HOI

(d) acidity: HOCl, HOClO, HOClO 2 , HOClO 3

(e) basicity: NH 2 , HS , HTe , PH 2

(f) basicity: BrO , BrO 2 , BrO 3 , BrO 4

(a) NaHSeO 3 <NaHSO 3 <NaHSO 4 ; in polyoxy acids, the more electronegative central element—S, in this case—forms the stronger acid. The larger number of oxygen atoms on the central atom (giving it a higher oxidation state) also creates a greater release of hydrogen atoms, resulting in a stronger acid. As a salt, the acidity increases in the same manner. (b) ClO 2 < BrO 2 < IO 2 ; the basicity of the anions in a series of acids will be the opposite of the acidity in their oxyacids. The acidity increases as the electronegativity of the central atom increases. Cl is more electronegative than Br, and I is the least electronegative of the three. (c) HOI<HOBr<HOCl; in a series of the same form of oxyacids, the acidity increases as the electronegativity of the central atom increases. Cl is more electronegative than Br, and I is the least electronegative of the three. (d) HOCl<HOClO<HOClO 2 <HOClO 3 ; in a series of oxyacids of the same central element, the acidity increases as the number of oxygen atoms increases (or as the oxidation state of the central atom increases). (e) HTe < HS << PH 2 < NH 2 ; PH 2 and NH 2 are anions of weak bases, so they act as strong bases toward H + . HTe and HS are anions of weak acids, so they have less basic character. In a periodic group, the more electronegative element has the more basic anion. (f) BrO 4 < BrO 3 < BrO 2 < BrO ; with a larger number of oxygen atoms (that is, as the oxidation state of the central ion increases), the corresponding acid becomes more acidic and the anion consequently less basic.

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Both HF and HCN ionize in water to a limited extent. Which of the conjugate bases, F or CN , is the stronger base? See [link] .

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The active ingredient formed by aspirin in the body is salicylic acid, C 6 H 4 OH(CO 2 H). The carboxyl group (−CO 2 H) acts as a weak acid. The phenol group (an OH group bonded to an aromatic ring) also acts as an acid but a much weaker acid. List, in order of descending concentration, all of the ionic and molecular species present in a 0.001- M aqueous solution of C 6 H 4 OH(CO 2 H).

[ H 2 O ] > [ C 6 H 4 OH ( CO 2 H ) ] > [H + ] 0 > [C 6 H 4 OH ( CO 2 ) ] [ C 6 H 4 O ( CO 2 H ) ] > [ OH ]

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What do we represent when we write:
CH 3 CO 2 H ( a q ) + H 2 O ( l ) H 3 O + ( a q ) + CH 3 CO 2 ( a q ) ?

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Explain why equilibrium calculations are not necessary to determine ionic concentrations in solutions of certain strong electrolytes such as NaOH and HCl. Under what conditions are equilibrium calculations necessary as part of the determination of the concentrations of all ions of some other strong electrolytes in solution?

Strong electrolytes are 100% ionized, and, as long as the component ions are neither weak acids nor weak bases, the ionic species present result from the dissociation of the strong electrolyte. Equilibrium calculations are necessary when one (or more) of the ions is a weak acid or a weak base.

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Emmanuel Reply
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Oladuji Reply
The property of carbon to form long chain with other atom!
hydrocarbons can be classified as..1.Aliphatic compounds 2.cyclic compounds.under aliphatic compounds there are two types saturated hydrocarbons(alkanes) and unsaturated hydrocarbons(alkenes and alkynes).
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Rutherford chose gold was because its extremely malleable. One can stretch gold foil until it is only a few atoms thick in places, which is not possible with aluminum. If the foil were too thick, there would be no transmission of particles at all; the whole point was to demonstrate that most alpha
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Ernest Rutherford was the scientist that preformed the experiment.
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proved ur Worth: If A is a of trioxonitrate(V)acid,HNO3' of unknown concentration .B is a standard solution of sodium hydroxide containing 4.00g per dm cube of solution.25cm cube portions solution B required an average of 24.00cm cube of solution A for neutralization,using 2 drops of methyl orange.
calculate the concentration of solution B in moles per dm cube
calculate the concentration of solution A and B in moles per DM cube
finally calculate the concentration in g/dm cube of HNO3 in solution A (H=1,N=14,O=16,Na=23)
calculate the standard enthalpy of formation for propane(C3H8) from the following data; 1), C3H8+5O2->3CO2+4H2O; -222.0kJ/mol 2), C+O2->CO2;-395.5kJ/mol 3),H2+O->H2O; 285.8kJ/mol
let eventually of formation of propane = X X + (-222)=3×(-395.5)+4×(-286) rearrange to find X
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it is the chemical decomposition of a substance when electric current is passed through it either in molten form or aqueous solution
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many ways ,but one of them is when the atom becomes heated to a certain temperature the surface electron becomes too energetic and leaves the atom because the attraction between the nucleus and the electron becomes overpowered by the energetic eletron
also hitting of two atoms can cause transfer of surface electrons
and when this transfers occur the atom becomes ionised
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it's oxidized and called an ion
Now, I get it
can you give an example please, if you don't mind
a positive ion,become positively charged/a cation.
sodium plus one is simple cation is exmpl
Taking Sodium as example..... it carries a positive charge which means it is positively charged.....when it gains an electron, it is reduced cuz an electron is negatively charged.....also when an atom looses an electron, it becomes positively charged and when it gains, it becomes negatively charged.
typically, ionization is the process where an atom looses or gains electron(s) to form ion(s) either a positively or negatively
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