Cardiac Electrophysiology Basic

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Cardiac Electrophysiology Basic
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Sample Questions from the Cardiac Electrophysiology Basic Quiz

Question: What is the Heart Positioned in the Chest?


heart lying on base of lungs and vertical posion

Heart is Pointing downwards to the left and anterior, Usually 45 Deg in each direction though there are individual variations.

Heart is position middle of the chest

heart is position just behind the left lung and above trachea

Question: Normal PR is:


120 to 150 ms

80 to 100 ms

150 to 180 ms

200 to 260 ms

Question: An electrocardiogram is a graphic illustration of the:


cardiac conduction system

cardiac cycle

cardiac output

systemic and pulmonary circuits

Question: QRS represents


Ventricular depolarization and repolarization

Mitral opening

Tricuspid Valve Opening

Atrial Tachycardia

Question: how many entries we have in Right Atrium






Question: what is the name of structure, supports the cusps of Tricuspid and Mitral Valves?


Moderator Bands

Papillary Muscles

coronary sinus

purkunje fibers

Question: What is PV Carina?


It is defined as the Inter Pulmonary Vein Ridge between the Pulmonary Veins.

Bollywood actress.

Carina is structure between mitral valve and LIPV

carina is located between tricuspid valve and CS

Question: P wave represents:


Right Atrium activation

Left Atrial Activation

Both Atrium Conduction

Ventricular activation

Question: Left Axis deviation


Lead Positive, AVf Negative

Lead 1 Negative AVf Positive

Lead 1 Negative AVf Negative

Lead 1 Positive AVf Positive

Question: QT Interval represents


Vetricular depolarization

Atrial repolarization

Electrolyte balance and resting period

none of above

Question: which is the primary pace maker of the Heart


AV Node

Bundle Branches

SA Node

Bechman's Bundle

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