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    right-endpoint approximation

    the right-endpoint approximation is an approximation of the area of the rectangles under a curve using the right endpoint of each subinterval to construct the vertical sides of each rectangle

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Questions & Answers

volume between cone z=√(x^2+y^2) and plane z=2
Kranthi Reply
answer please?
It's an integral easy
V=1/3 h π (R^2+r2+ r*R(
How do we find the horizontal asymptote of a function using limits?
Lerato Reply
Easy lim f(x) x-->~ =c
solutions for combining functions
Amna Reply
what is a function? f(x)
Jeremy Reply
one that is one to one, one that passes the vertical line test
It's a law f() that to every point (x) on the Domain gives a single point in the codomain f(x)=y
restate the problem. and I will look. ty
jon Reply
What is limit
MaHeSh Reply
it's the value a function will take while approaching a particular value
don ger it
what is a limit?
it is the value the function approaches as the input approaches that value.
Its' complex a limit It's a metrical and topological natural question... approaching means nothing in math
3y^2*y' + 2xy^3 + 3y^2y'x^2 = 0 sub in x = 2, and y = 1, isolate y'
Andrew Reply
what is implicit of y³+x²y³=5 at (2,1)
Estelita Reply
tel mi about a function. what is it?
integration of tan cubex into sec cube x
teerath Reply
how did you get 84 bpm? in the first question
chic Reply
f(x) =3+8+4
tennesio Reply
d(x)(x)/dx =?
Abdul Reply
scope of a curve
Abraham Reply
scope of a curve..? nice English.. but please explain
check continuty at x=1 when f (x)={x^3 if x <1 -4-x^2 if -1 <and= x <and= 10
Raja Reply
Well are all continuous functions in theyrs domain, so you need to nache the limits for every border, and check if are equals
what is the value as sinx
Sudam Reply
Practice Key Terms 8

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