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    piecewise-defined function

    a function that is defined differently on different parts of its domain

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Questions & Answers

f(x) =3+8+4
tennesio Reply
d(x)(x)/dx =?
Abdul Reply
scope of a curve
Abraham Reply
check continuty at x=1 when f (x)={x^3 if x <1 -4-x^2 if -1 <and= x <and= 10
Raja Reply
what is the value as sinx
Sudam Reply
f (x)=x3_2x+3,a=3
Bilal Reply
given demand function & cost function. x= 6000 - 30p c= 72000 + 60x . . find the break even price & quantities.
Fiseha Reply
hi guys ....um new here ...integrate my welcome
Asif Reply
An airline sells tickets from Tokyo to Detroit for $1200. There are 500 seats available and a typical flight books 350 seats. For every $10 decrease in price, the airline observes and additional 5 seats sold. (a) What should the fare be to maximize profit? (b) How many passeners would be on board?
Ravendra Reply
I would like to know if there exists a second category of integration by substitution
nth differential cofficient of x×x/(x-1)(x-2)
Abhay Reply
integral of root of sinx cosx
Wedraj Reply
the number of gallons of water in a tank t minutes after the tank has started to drain is Q(t)=200(30-t)^2.how fast is the water running out at the end of 10 minutes?
Purity Reply
why is it that the integral of eudu =eu
Maman Reply
using L hospital rule
Abubakar Reply

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