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    A binomial is a polynomial with exactly two terms.

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In 10 years, the population of Detroit fell from 950,000 to about 712,500. Find the percent decrease.
Jenise Reply
how do i set this up
25 percent
950,000 - 712,500 = 237,500. 237,500 / 950,000 = .25 = 25%
I've tried several times it won't let me post the breakdown of how you get 25%.
Subtract one from the other to get the difference. Then take that difference and divided by 950000 and you will get .25 aka 25%
Finally 👍
one way is to set as ratio: 100%/950000 = x% / 712500, which yields that 712500 is 75% of the initial 950000. therefore, the decrease is 25%.
twenty five percent...
thanks melissa
950000-713500 *100 and then divide by 950000 = 25
Jeannette has $5 and $10 bills in her wallet. The number of fives is three more than six times the number of tens. Let t represent the number of tens. Write an expression for the number of fives.
jamie Reply
6t +3
Tricia got a 6% raise on her weekly salary. The raise was $30 per week. What was her original salary?
Iris Reply
let us suppose her original salary is 'm'. so, according to the given condition, m*(6/100)=30 m= (30*100)/6 m= 500 hence, her original salary is $500.
How many pounds of nuts selling for $6 per pound and raisins selling for $3 per pound should Kurt combine to obtain 120 pounds of trail mix that cost him $5 per pound?
Valeria Reply
Amber wants to put tiles on the backsplash of her kitchen counters. She will need 36 square feet of tiles. She will use basic tiles that cost $8 per square foot and decorator tiles that code $20 per square foot. How many square feet of each tile should she use so that the overal cost of he backsplash will be $10 per square foot?
Nia Reply
I need help with maths can someone help me plz.. is there a wats app group?
Cindy Reply
WY need
How did you get $750?
Laura Reply
if y= 2x+sinx what is dy÷dx
formon25 Reply
does it teach you how to do algebra if you don't know how
Kate Reply
Liam borrowed a total of $35,000 to pay for college. He pays his parents 3% interest on the $8,000 he borrowed from them and pays the bank 6.8% on the rest. What average interest rate does he pay on the total $35,000? (Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.)
Lara Reply
exact definition of length by bilbao
francemichael Reply
the definition of length
francemichael Reply
literal meaning of length
exact meaning of length
exact meaning of length
how many typos can we find...?
Chris Reply
In the LCM Prime Factors exercises, the LCM of 28 and 40 is 280. Not 420!
Chris Reply
4x+7y=29,x+3y=11 substitute method of linear equation
Srinu Reply
substitute method of linear equation
Solve one equation for one variable. Using the 2nd equation, x=11-3y. Substitute that for x in first equation. this will find y. then use the value for y to find the value for x.
I want to learn
I want to learn. Please teach me?
1) Use any equation, and solve for any of the variables. Since the coefficient of x (the number in front of the x) in the second equation is 1 (it actually isn't shown, but 1 * x = x), use that equation. Subtract 3y from both sides (this isolates the x on the left side of the equal sign).
2) This results in x=11-3y. x is note in terms of y. Use that as the value of x and substitute for all x in the first equation. The first equation becomes 4(11-3y)+7y =29. Note that the only variable left in the first equation is the y. If you have multiple variable, then something is wrong.
3) Distribute (multiply) the 4 across 11-3y to get 44-12y. Add this to the 7y. So, the equation is now 44-5y=29.
4) Solve 44-5y=29 for y. Isolate the y by subtracting 44 from birth sides, resulting in -5y=-15. Now, divide birth sides by -5 (since you have -5y). This results in y=3. You now have the value of one variable.
5) The last step is to take the value of y from Step 4) and substitute into the 2nd equation. Therefore: x+3y=11 becomes x+3(3)=11. Then multiplying, x+9=11. Finally, solve for x by subtracting 9 from both sides. Therefore, x=2.
6) The ordered pair of (2, 3) is the proposed solution. To check, substitute those values into either equation. If the result is true, then the solution is correct. 4(2)+7(3)=8+21=29. TRUE! Finished.
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