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BisoNet Generation Using Textual Data by Marc Segond @VideoLectures

According to Koestler, the notion of a bisociation denotes a connection between pieces of information from habitually separated domains or categories. In this paper, we consider a... Watch Video

Et tu ompute Or Is Text Translation by Abraham B. Hsuan @VideoLectures

Walter Benjamin, one of the first thinkers to articulate a clear need to think about the new regimes created by the powers of mechanical reproduction, wrote in his essay "The... Watch Video

I remember you but not your name - The by Carlo Semenza @VideoLectures

Proper names are important in every day life. Forgetting them is a very common source of embarrassment, increasingly more frequent with aging. Their difference with common names has... Watch Video

Leadership within - the leadership style by Violeta Bulc @VideoLectures

What kind of leadership can move organisations from learning environments to thinking environments and beyond. I would argue none of the existing ones. It seems that today's new... Watch Video

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